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About Me

Pere DeRoy

​I’m a perinatal and postpartum doula. 

Being a doula in Lawrence, Kansas allows me to participate in positive transformations of reproductive health here. In addition to providing hands-on support to birthing peoples and their families, I want to support Queer and Trans populations and those who want to take a gender-neutral approach to pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. 

I hope through my work as a doula, I can support families to be more present in their pregnancy journey as they bring more bundles of amazing joy into your/our community. More so, I hope I can advance knowledge and practice on caring for diverse populations. 

In addition to being a doula, I am an activist-researcher exploring reproductive disparities in healthcare. My current research focuses on the US and Guyana (a South America country that is part of the English-speaking Caribbean political region). I primarily engage with issues pertaining to BIPOC birthing and non-birth populations across class, gender, and sexuality, etc.

I'm a spouse, and we are parents to an amazing toddler.

Additionally, I appreciate green spaces, playing video games from time to time, and a great meal.

One love.

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