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You can book your doula at any time during your pregnancy, though most often people book in their second or third trimester. Each visit is tailored to individual interests or needs and ranges from 1-3 hours in length. Prenatal visits are a time to check in with your doula, share concerns, learn comfort measures, and prepare for your baby. We welcome partners and support people who will be present at your labor to participate in visits with your doula.

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By this time your doula will have helped you plan for when you go into labor. They are on-call to support you and their role during your delivery can vary based on your birth preferences. Your doula is not there to replace any support person(s) you may have present during this special time. If COVID guidelines prevent your doula from being present in person they are still available for virtual support and will check in with you and/or your support person throughout your labor and delivery.


Your doula will stay with you several hours after the birth and return at least once within the first few days. In the weeks following, your doula is available to help with comfort measures, support feedings, and gather any information you may need or want. During postpartum visits, your doula may share resources, offer support with feedings and bathing, or do light household chores like dishes and baby laundry.

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We recognize not all pregnancies end with the birth of a living baby. You can access our doula support during all stages of your reproductive journey. Your doula can help by gathering information, assisting in the expression of your desires and preferences, as well as providing physical and emotional support.


Your doula is trained as a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor and is available to support your breastfeeding goals. They can provide support based on current research and knowledge from experts. If you need more advanced help, you may be referred to a lactation consultant or other healthcare professional.

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