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About Me

Tita Hernandez

I was born and raised in Mexico City. I am married and have two sons. My family came to live in the United States, Lawrence, KS in 2005. I love this city a lot as well as dogs and walks with my pups at the Mutt Run Park. 

I like to teach, I received a Bachelor degree in Education from the University of Mexico UNAM and a Masters Degree at the Institute of Education from the University of London. I taught for six years at the School of Education of the University of Mexico and worked for 15 years as the Director of the Environmental Education Program at the Ajusco Medio in Mexico City. I participated in different National and International Environmental Education meetings and am coauthor of four books in Environmental Education. 

I love to help people and always try to advocate for them. I started as a volunteer for the Health Department and Lawrence Memorial Hospital as a Medical Interpreter in 2006. I continue to do this work under contract in addition to work for the University of Kansas. In 2021 I was trained as a doula, breastfeeding counselor, sexual health counselor and childbirth educator.

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